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According to PressGazette, EURACTIV is part-funded (less than 10 percent, according to the founder) by the European Commission - the EU's executive body - and allows companies to sponsor different policy sections of its website. Christophe Leclercq is the founder and Chairman. Here is the list of Board Members as of 2020. Further, EURACTIV revenue is derived from corporate. EurActiv. EurActiv is a multilingual media network, targeting EU policy and business stakeholders, journalists, NGOs, think tanks and other multipliers in Europe in 15 languages. With over three million page views and 675,000 'unique visitors' per month (Google Analytics average for 2012), it is the leading online media on EU affairs

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EURACTIV.pl - Unia Europejska - najnowsze wiadomości, analizy, wywiady. Wiadomości. Niemcy wyłączyli połowę z działających elektrowni atomowych. Zastąpią je głównie paliwa kopalne. Energia i środowisko Dec 31, 2021 (EURACTIV Grèce) MADRID. L'inflation espagnole atteint un nouveau record, du jamais-vu depuis 1992. L'inflation espagnole s'est élevée à 5,6 % en novembre, battant un nouveau record après. Alors que l'Union européenne finalise l'élaboration de ses règles en matière de financement écologique, la fuite d'un projet proposant que le nucléaire et le gaz soient qualifiés d'énergie de transition a suscité des plaintes à Berlin, où la coalition se divise sur le sujet. Actualités. Les Capitales Jan 3, 2022 Militärchef: Russische Forderungen bedrohen schwedische Verteidigungsstrategie. Die russischen Forderungen haben die europäischen Nicht-NATO-Mitglieder beunruhigt, darunter auch.

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  1. Päť udalostí, ktoré formovali NATO v roku 2021. Autor: Lucia Yar | EURACTIV.sk. 1:46 (aktualizované: 8:51) Posledná letka nemeckej Bundeswehr sa z Afganistanu vrátila 27. augusta 2021. [EPA-EFE/Sascha.
  2. The title and abstract of OpEds reflect EURACTIV's choice in underlining the relevance of the piece submitted. The title is kept the same as the original if it does fit EURACTIV's criteria, i.e: short, easy to understand and snappy. The abstract is a summary in maximum 60 words, connecting with current EU policy debates
  3. As already reported by EURACTIV in the initial stages of CoFoE, the lack of detailed follow-up procedures could create problems in implementing citizens' recommendations. Nicolas Morávek from.
  4. EURACTIV, Brussels, Belgium. 48,705 likes · 444 talking about this. EURACTIV publishes free, independent policy news and facilitates open policy debates in 12 languages

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Welcome to EURACTIV's Green Brief. Below you'll find the latest roundup of news covering energy & environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here.. As Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic has so far cost the national economy €350 billion, new data published on Sunday by the German Economic Institute shows. Meanwhile, the government lowered its growth. Questioned further by EURACTIV on the technicalities of this, Denormandie chose to focus on the need to build up political momentum around the subject rather than the specifics EURACTIV Members. Popular articles. 1 Contribute to EURACTIV; 2 MEPs adopt Digital Services Act with significant last-minute changes; 3 Germany takes firm pro-gas stance in green taxonomy feedback. EURACTIV.com with AFP 25-01-2022 (updated: 25-01-2022 ) While Sweden bans Chinese vendors such as Huawei from its telecom infrastructure, others like Germany do not, the European auditors observed

Web site created using create-react-app. Welcome to EU Services by EURACTIV! Are you new here? Click to learn more about our new service Einloggen EurActiv. sich anmelden Passwort vergessen? Haben Sie bereits ein Konto bei EurActiv? Klicken Sie hier, um sich direkt einloggen. Sie können Social Media-Konten nach der Anmeldung hinzuzufügen EURACTIV Poland | 408 من المتابعين على LinkedIn. Expert media focusing on European and international affairs offering policy-focused briefings, reports, and events | We are the Polish branch of the independent European media network specializing in European and international affairs. EURACTIV publishes daily news and policy briefs in 13 European states and 13 languages EURACTIV publishes free, independent policy news and facilitates open policy debates in 12 languages. Our audience includes politicians, policymakers, business stakeholders, journalists, civil.

Prof Arvanitakis, the winner of the European Award for the Best Medical Practice. Hrana i poljoprivreda EURACTIV will use the information you provide on this form to get in touch with you, to provide regular email newsletters, occasional news 'alerts', as well as ad hoc event invitations and other updates and marketing. Please let us know all the ways you would like to hear from us

EURACTIV Media Network is a separate organisation which coordinates EU policy news in 12+ languages. It inspired Europe's MediaLab (Fondation EURACTIV) with whom it shares the same offices, values and founder Il Comitato Economico e Sociale e il Futuro dell'Europa. Si è svolto il 18 e 19 scorsi a Lisbona, presso la Fondazione Gulbenkian, il tradizionale seminario del Comitato Economico e Sociale Europeo (Ces) con i rappresentanti della società civile: organizzazioni delle imprese, dei lavoratori, media, Ong We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us EurActiv este o rețea de portaluri dedicate afacerilor europene, cu sediul central la Bruxelles, având birouri în Franța, Germania, Marea Britanie și parteneri într-o serie de țări din Europa Centrală și de Est.Compania este prezentă și în România cu un portal-agenție de știri (euractiv.ro), dedicat informării cu privire la chestiunile de interes pentru România în contextul. EURACTIV é uma rede de mídia pan-europeia independente especializada em políticas da UE, fundada em 1999 pelo editor de mídia francês Christophe Leclercq. [1] Sua sede e equipe editorial central estão localizadas em Bruxelas, embora seu conteúdo seja produzido por cerca de 50 jornalistas [2] na Bélgica, Bulgária, República Tcheca, França, Alemanha, Grécia, Itália, Polônia.

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In a wide-ranging exclusive interview, Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev explained at length the reasons behind his country's veto which prevents North Macedo.. Investments, post-Brexit trade & the return of Parthenon Marbles to Greece at vis-a-vis meeting of PM Mitsotakis, UK PM Johnson


Podujatie organizujú EURACTIV, EURACTIV Slovensko, EURACTIV Česká republika, EURACTIV Poľsko a Political Capital. Partnerom podujatia je Medzinárodný vyšehradský fond. Dekarbonizácia slovenskej ekonomiky 2020. 30. november - 3. december 2020, Online konferencia. Konferenciu organizuje EURACTIV Slovensko The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is the leading Slovenian provider of media content for domestic and foreign audiences. It provides comprehensive news as well as photo, audio and video content. Its quick, reliable, unbiased and comprehensive domestic and international coverage is available in Slovenian and English. The cornerstones of the agency's policy are editorial independence, real-time.

EURACTIV és una xarxa de comunicació europea especialitzada en política de la Unió Europea fundada l'any 1999 per un editor francès anomenat Christophe Leclercq.La seva seu central està situada a Brussel·les, encara que la meitat dels continguts es produeixen a Bulgària, Txèquia, França, Alemanya, Grècia, Itàlia, Polònia, Romania, Sèrbia i Eslovàquia the dong-a ilbo 뉴스. ワクチン接種完了の感染者は隔離を7日間に短縮、死亡時は「葬儀後に火葬」 ワクチン接種を完了した新型コロナの感染者の隔離期間が、26日から、10日間から7日間に短縮される。 新型コロナで死亡すれば、これまでは先に火葬しなければならなかったが、27日からは他の死者. EURACTIV Bulgarien berichtet. Experten: Foulspiel auf Bulgariens Gasmarkt zugute Russlands Die EU hat Pläne ausgearbeitet, einige Erdgas- und Kernkraftwerke als Übergangsinvestitionen oder grüne Investitionen einzustufen, sofern sie bestimmte Kriterien erfüllen, wie die Verdrängung umweltschädlicherer Kohlekraftwerke Podujatia EURACTIV Slovensko. EURACTIV pravidelne organizuje podujatia zamerané na diskusie relevantných aktérov k aktuálnym témam

La única agencia de noticias española especializada en información agroalimentaria. Sociedad participada por la Agencia EFE, informa y analiza la actualidad de todos los eslabones de la cadena alimentaria de interés para el sector y para el consumidor en todos los formatos: texto, foto, vídeo, soporte electrónico, redes sociales y APP para móviles Sectiunea Actualitate din Hotnews.ro: stiri de ultima ora, articole, opinii, analize din Actualitat Euractiv (собствен начин на означение EURACTIV; преди - EurActiv) е новинарски интернет-портал, основан през 1999 г. от френския предприемач Кристоф Леклерк (Christophe Leclercq).Порталът се занимава с политически въпроси, свързани с.

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Ο οδηγός διασκέδασης και ψυχαγωγίας της Αθήνας. Όλες οι πληροφορίες που χρειάζεσαι για να προγραμματίσεις την έξοδό σου Sowohl die USA als auch die NATO erklärten am Mittwoch, sie hätten einen diplomatischen Weg eingeschlagen, um den weitreichenden russischen Forderungen in Osteuropa nachzukommen. Derweil verstärkt Russland seine militärische Präsenz in der Nähe der Ukraine

Die dänische Regierung will ab dem 1. Februar gar alle Corona-Restriktionen aufheben. In den Niederlanden dürfen seit Mittwoch Lokale, Kinos und Museen wieder öffnen. Die Bundesregierung lehnte Lockerungen derweil erneut ab. Der Lockdown für Ungeimpfte sei eine der strengsten Maßnahmen, die man setzen kann, erklärte Nehammer in Wien Germany backs gas as transition fuel in EU green finance guidelines. In a letter, Berlin stressed its opposition to nuclear while calling on the European Commission to ease restrictions on gas in the transition to clean energy. In its feedback to Brussels over the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, Berlin reiterated its opposition to. Fridays for Future activists Luisa-Marie Neubauer and Dominika Lasota spoke to EURACTIV's Kira Taylor about why they think fossil gas and nuclear Shared by Kira Taylor Malta lobbied EU lawmakers negotiating rules for energy infrastructure projects (TEN-E) to get support for a controversial pipeline linked to th We are also talking about the new EU taxonomy, what it includes, the teething issues, and why we have had reactions from climate activists such as Dominika Lasota and Louisa Neubeur from Fridays for Future. To break down for us, I was joined by EURACTIV's energy and environment reporter, Kira Taylor

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EURACTIV.pl to niezależne media zajmujące się polityką europejską. Poruszamy najważniejsze tematy polityczne i społeczne, także takie, o których nigdzie indziej w Polsce nie przeczytasz. Nasi dziennikarze - eksperci są obecni w całej Europie. Z rzetelnymi i zawsze sprawdzonymi wiadomościami i analizami staramy się docierać do jak. (Charles Szumski | EURACTIV.com) ŘÍM. Itálie stále hledá prezidenta. Italští poslanci a regionální delegáti se ve středu nedokázali dohodnout na prezidentském kandidátovi. Politici se snaží zvolit nového prezidenta již od pondělí, veškerá hlasování však skončila bez výsledku. Čtvrté kolo začne dnes, 27. ledna

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0:36 (actualizado: 0:38) Hungría, miembro de la OTAN, ha condicionado su apoyo a Ucrania en caso de agresión rusa. [EFE-EPA] Bruselas (EA.com)/Madrid (EuroEFE) - Las principales noticias europeas desde las capitales de los socios que integran la red de portales multilingües de EURACTIV, entre ellos EuroEFE EURACTIV Slovensko v spolupráci s RTVS vydáva týždenný podcast Euróy týždeň o dianí v EÚ a na Slovensku. Vydáva týždenný podcast na rôzne témy pokrývajúce témy súvisiace s EÚ

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在euractiv這個產品中,有9篇Facebook貼文,粉絲數超過16萬的網紅Goodbye HK, Hello UK,也在其Facebook貼文中提到, 全世界最年輕嘅國家領袖,芬蘭總理準備推動每日6小時工作制。 We need to create a clear vision and concrete steps as to how Finland can proceed towards shorter working hours and. Slovensko vyrobí najviac áut na počet obyvateľov na svete. V blízkej budúcnosti však automobilový priemysel bude musieť prejsť hlbokou transformáciou. Preklenutie výroby smerom k elektromobilom či bat...- Ouça o DSKE21 | Deň 5: Transformácia automobilového priemyslu de EURACTIV Slovensko instantaneamente no seu tablet, telefone ou navegador - sem fazer qualquer download Welcome to EURACTIV's Green Brief. Below you'll find the latest roundup of news covering energy & environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here.. The deadline.

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NATO takes control of troop movements in Ukraine standoff. EURACTIV.com with R. Jan 25, 2022 (updated: Jan 25, 2022) Spanish frigate Blas de Lezo leaves the port in Ferrol, Spain, 22 January. The environmental NGO Greenpeace told EURACTIV that, without a public consultation, there is the risk of an imbalance of voices when it comes to reviewing the delegated act

Recycling industry under pressure from falling rawUnited States toughens visa rules for ‘malign’ ChineseEthiopia’s huge honey production potential in search ofCooling and refrigeration sector: the Cinderella of the EUDeutschland fürchtet das neue Waldsterben – EURACTIV